The President and C-E-O of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce says a recent survey of chamber members shows support for most of the items on the sixth penny sales tax ballot, but also concerns about the cost and long term sustainability of some of the projects. Dale Steenburgen says all of the items except the Archer Complex received more yes votes than no votes, and he says the vote on the Archer Complex was close. But Steenburgen says members do have some questions they would like answered before the proposals go to the voters on August 21. The first question that came up often was the overall price of the projects, and whether in some cases there might not be less expensive alternatives. Steenburgen says the other common question was how much it will cost over the long term to maintain some of the proposed items. He says those questions were most commonly raised in regard to the Archer Complex, the Rec Center and the Botanic Gardens.