5:05pm MDT -- CL Bryant, Former NAACP member, will address what he sees as the racial politicalization of issues and the rush to jump to racial division when race is not necessarily involved.  He specifically feels the Trayvon Martin case is being made about race when it should not be and is here to argue his point on the program.

Catch Sean Hannity on KGAB today 4 to 7 PM and hear him talk with:

5:35pm MDT -- News Reporter Laurie Dhue & Retired NYPD Sgt. Paul Babakitis were both on Jet Blue FLight 191 when the flight's Captain snapped.  The two will recall their experience on board the plane.

6:05pm MDT -- ALCJ Cheif Counsel Jay Sekulow & Democratic Strategist Susan Estrich will debate the ongoing and pivotal SCOTUS hearings.  The high court is expected to decide whether the government is overreaching with Obamacare's mandate forcing all Americans to buy health insurance.  Critics of health care proposal argue that the mandate opens the door to the government forcing Americans to buy just about anything else it feels might improve health or lower costs. The Supreme Court is expected to rule by late June.