Western Wyoming could possibly see yet another increase in the production of oil and gas wells. Cevron USA, Inc. is proposing to expand the Table Rock Field near Rock Springs. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management is seeking public comments on the proposal.

Chevron USA, Inc. is planning on drilling up to 88 new wells. Under the proposal 33 shallow oil wells, 20 deep gas wells and as many as 35 water injection wells would be drilled in the Table Rock Field. According to the BLM, approximately 300 acres would be disturbed by the drilling and each well drilled would have a lifespan of 40-55 years. Wyoming has recently seen a boom in oil and gas drilling that has brought revenue and more infrastructure into Wyoming but some drilling operations around the state have raised concerns about water and air quality.

To submit a comment or for more information contact the BLM Rock Springs Field Office by clicking here!