To call last night's comeback 'historic" would not be an exaggeration. It tied for the fourth biggest comeback in NFL regular season history, and was the biggest ever in an NFL Monday night game. Lets not forget that the San Diego defense helped out considerably, but obviously this was a milestone even in Peyton's hall of fame career.

The Broncos were down 24-0 in the 1st half and came roaring back in the 2nd half with 5 unanswered touchdowns. 2 of the touchdowns were scored by the defense. The Broncos beat the Chargers 35-24 in San Diego. With the win, Denver improves to 3-3 on the season. They are now in 1st place in the AFC West. The Chargers are also 3-3, but lose the tie breaker to Denver. Peyton Manning finished with 3 touchdown passes and over 300 yards in the game.