Cheyenne –Over the past five years, Black Dog Animal Rescue (BDAR) has found homes for more than 750 dogs and started programs in Casper and Laramie. Building on that success, the organization announced today a new look and plans to expand the foster home and adoption programs, hire additional staff and raise awareness about high volume adoptions.

“BDAR hopes to see even more dogs granted its adoption guarantee, thus making the entire state a safer place for homeless pets,” said Executive Director Britney Wallesch. “We are so excited about having overcome a great many obstacles and look forward to future successes.”

BDAR is solely Wyoming based, meaning it takes dogs from Wyoming shelters and places them in homes around the region. The organization operates primarily on a volunteer basis and is overseen by a volunteer board.

According to Wallesch,the biggest challenge has been funding.

“A vast majority of BDAR’s operating expenses are funded through adoption fees, and anything above and beyond that is supported by private donors or sponsorships,” she said. “Those extra funds have proven hard to come by, and our ability to develop and carry out more life-saving programs is greatly restricted by our financial hurdles. We are lucky to have enough support to sustain our operations, but growing them is proving to be a challenge”

To celebrate the non-profit’s five year anniversary, BDAR is using the occasion to launch a fresh logo and a revised mission statement: To provide homeless animals across Wyoming with guaranteed safe and secure placement, promote the use of proven life-saving programs in our communities and advocate for animal welfare.

“ The new mission statement is a reflection of our progress and the maturation of the organization. It reiterates our commitment to Wyoming’s animals and people. The work we do here is supported by a compassionate volunteer base and equally passionate community partners,” Wallesch said. “We want to show where we’re headed with this new imagery and message. We feel very fortunate to be in the position to continue our life-saving mission.”

For more information about BDAR or how you can help, visit their website at or call 307-214-6600.