We're all getting older, but what are we doing to cause premature aging?

This is a question that we must all ask ourselves separately. The reason is that we have different diets and habit's that may cause us to look older faster.

Today on the Top 5 at 7:45, I'll highlight beauty blunders that we should think about or stop doing that may cause premature aging with ideas from lifescript.com.

  1. Rubbing Your Eyes: Squinting and rubbing the delicate skin around the eyes can cause premature aging. If you can't stop, you may want to see an allergist.
  2. Cheating On Sleep: Sleep is good for energy and complexion. Get all you can.
  3. Sleeping On Your Side: It's comfy, but 8 hours with face to pillow can break down skin and cause facial wrinkling.
  4. Smoking And Sipping Out Of A Straw: Excessive exercise of both, can cause fine lines around your mouth and cause premature aging.
  5. Stressing Out: If you are stressed out all the time, this causes stress hormones to be pumping out non-stop, which causes premature aging.

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