Today at 7:07AM MST, Frosty Wooldridge returns to guest on The Morning Zone. A long time friend of the program, Frosty brings to bare all of his experience as a world traveler and author to discuss the latest on the long term effects of unchecked immigration and over-population.

At  8:07AM MST,Charles Curley, project leader for the Wyoming Liberty Index guests to talk about tomorrow's  public policy discussion at Wyoming Liberty Group.

Have you ever wondered how your Wyoming Senator and Representative voted on liberty issues? The Wyoming Liberty Index gives you the tool to find out. This is how the Index works:  Volunteers rate all final bills from the Wyoming House and Senate on whether the bills support or inhibit liberty.  Then, each legislator’s votes are matched against a baseline of data to show where they stand on key, liberty-oriented issues. The result is a “snapshot” of how each legislator stands overall on issues important to citizens living in a free society. At Wyoming Libery Group's next meeting, Charles,  will talk about which bills and which legislators are liberty-friendly and which legislators have room for improvement. Tuesday, December 6 at 7 p.m.