It hasn't even been Fall for a full day and yes, it's already snowed in Yellowstone National Park. A new video shows that the bison don't even care a little bit.

As the UPI reported earlier this week, there has already been some snow in Yellowstone. Nothing too major, but it's Wyoming being Wyoming. A new video share shows that it's just another day taken in stride by bison.

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I think this bison is happier about the snow than some visitors who shared video of their trips this week to Yellowstone and were not expecting white stuff on the ground.

It almost seems like the bison is thankful for the snow. Imagine spending a super hot summer under all that fur. The dusting of snow is probably a relief.

This big guy is also probably ready for a nap since rutting season is wrapping up in September as the National Park Service points out.

As long as I'm not having to drive through it, I'm great with snow in Yellowstone in September. It's a reminder that visitors will become less prevalent and the wildlife can soon once again take over the park which is how it should always be.

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