A bill to create a specialty Wyoming license plate celebrating Yellowstone National Park has been indefinitely postponed by the Wyoming House of Representatives.

The House Committee of the Whole voted 52-7 with one absent on Monday against the bill. But because the vote was taken by the Committee of the Whole rather than on third and final reading, the bill was postponed rather than killed and can be brought back.

Gillette Republican Rep. Roy Edwards argued against the bill, saying having too many state license plates dilutes interest in the state plates. He also pointed out the state no longer has prisoners in the state prison making the plates, meaning it's more expensive to have the plates made than it used to be.

Laramie County Republican Rep. Landon Brown argued money generated from the sales of the plates would go to the Wyoming wildlife and natural resource trust account and the conservation and tourism impact account for such projects as safety rest areas.

He also pointed out that unless at least 1000 sets of the special plates were ordered by the end of the year the program would be discontinued.

House Bill 66 is sponsored by the Joint Transportation, Highways and military affairs interim committee.







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