This odd food is something our state is known for.

My favorite thing about our country is the diversity. As the melting pot, we all bring something different to the table both literally and figuratively. In fact, if you were to set an actual table with one dish from each state, you would get 50 completely unique plates.

Some of those dishes may also be considered "weird."

Recently, BuzzFeed asked the Internet to name a weird food item that their state is known for. The final list is nothing short of fascinating. Everything from savory to sweet made the list.

For Wyoming, it's elk.

Of course, this kind of meat isn't for everyone. First off, it's more fun if you hunt for it yourself. Secondly, it's more gamey than beef which can be a turnoff for many people. For those that love it, there are endless ways to prepare elk. I personally love elk jerky.

Much like the state of Wyoming, elk is an adventure.

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