Smoky record heat with a touch of snow. Does that work for you?

Let's break it down:

Apparently we were not suffering through enough smoke from our own fires. Near the end of the work week, a thick haze moved across Wyoming from a large fire in Montana, and several large fires down in Colorado. 

That's right - the smoke was coming down from the north, and up from the south, at the same time. Those living in the center of the state had to put up with both, as it all met in the middle.

But why stop there? Now lets crank up the heat for Saturday, where parts of the state will get over 100F. Those parts of the state that don't get that hot will still get close.

Sunday, still dry, and still in the 90's.

Just when we are learning to tolerate that, lets bring on the Canadian cold. 

Monday morning, Wyomingites will wake up to cold temperatures with a daytime high of around 60F. But at least the wind that blew the cold in would have pushed the smoke out. Heck - it might rain a little.

WAIT - not done. 

Lets have a high in the 40's for next Tuesday and bring on some snow.

The good news - yes there is good news - is after that it gets sunny and temperatures are in the 70's for the rest of next week.

You know the old saying. Don't like the weather in Wyoming? Wait 5 minutes.

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Smokey Wyoming Sunrises

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