In a show of solidarity following the recent elections, a group of Wyoming women and their allies plan to march through downtown Casper later this month.

The Women's March on Casper will be held Saturday, Jan. 21, from noon to 3 p.m. beginning at Second and Beech.

"We see the need to assert the rights of not just women, but also all members of our diverse communities," said march coordinator Jane Ifland in a press release. "The strength of our nation lies in our diversity, and defending the dignity and equality of all our people is defending America's highest ideals."

Ifland writes in the press release that the Casper march sprang up in response to the recent election. Once a march was planned in Washington, D.C., Ifland and others wanted to make it possible for women and others to demonstrate without having to travel to the east coast.

"The negative rhetoric and surprising outcomes of the recent elections have caused uncertainty and fear in many women, immigrants, minorities, those with diverse religious convictions, LGBTQIA individuals, those with disabilities, the economically disadvantaged and survivors of sexual assault," the release reads.

Casper's event will proceed west on Second Street, ending at The Lyric with a reception which will feature several discussion and training groups as well as a volunteer fair providing information on social justice and women's groups. The event will end at 3 p.m.

It is one of some 200 marches and rallies planned across the country, with some even being put on by Americans living abroad.

The events all intend to show a united front in the fight for the rights of women and other marginalized groups, the release says.

Everyone in support, from any place or political affiliation, is invited to participate in the free, nonpartisan march.

Similar marches are being held in Cheyenne and Cody.


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