Among the non-budget bills that have been proposed for the upcoming session of the Wyoming Legislature is Senate File 71, known as the ''Stand Your Ground'' bill.

If it becomes law, SF 71 would change the current state law that requires state residents to retreat before using deadly force against an attack in public.

Wyoming law already has a ''Castle Doctrine" which allows people to use deadly force without retreating first if attacked in their homes.

The primary sponsor of the bill, Senator Anthony Bouchard [R-Laramie County], was interviewed by Glenn Woods on KGAB-AM radio in Cheyenne on Wednesday morning, explaining the bill and why he feels it is needed [see video].

Opponents of the bill say it would encourage violence and argue it is addressing a problem that doesn't exist in Wyoming since self-defense is already a recognized defense for people charged in criminal cases in the state.

Some opponents also feel such laws are racist and tend to be used by white defendants accused of shooting African-Americans or members of other minority groups.

The Wyoming legislature will convene on Monday, February 12 in a four-week budget session. Because it is a budget session, all non-budget items will need a 2/3 majority vote for introduction.

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