The surprise announcement by President Trump of the withdrawal of US forces from Syria, and a big draw down of troops in Afghanistan caught many by surprise.

Wyoming US Representative Liz Cheney already expressed her disagreement on Twitter, and K2 News asked the Wyoming Senate delegation for their opinions on the moves by the President.

Senator John Barrasso said, “I have great respect for Secretary Mattis and appreciate his remarkable record of service to our country. I take his advice seriously. I always want to get our troops home as quickly as possible. At the same time, Syria and Afghanistan need to be secure so ISIS and other terrorists don’t fill the void that the United States is currently filling. The president should sit down with his military advisors and work with Congress to define a clear strategy for both Syria and Afghanistan.”

Max D’Onofrio, Press Secretary to Senator Mike Enzi, sent us this response.

“Senator Enzi has said that President Trump needs to with work Congress and our allies to ensure we have clear and definable strategies in Syria and Afghanistan. Senator Enzi believes it is important that we carefully weigh the advice of our military leaders to ensure that our strategies in these regions are not likely to lead to more challenges for the future. He will continue to review the situation as we get more information.”

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