Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray says he is hopeful President Trump will put an end to what Murray calls "outrageous"  federal policy overreaches that hurt Wyoming's economy.

Murray, who is a Republican, says the administration of former President Obama issued widespread federal mandates that Murray says hurt the ability of state residents to earn a living and in general hampered Wyoming's major industries.

He says the overreaches ranged from federal infringements on the rights of Wyoming farmers and ranchers caused by tightening the requirements for grazing permits to a general hostility to the state's mining industries.

But Murray says with regard to President Trump's ''rollback'' of federal mandates, "I think we will start to see that balance contemplated by our founding fathers"

Murray says he believes Republicans are more likely than Democrats to recognize state's rights under the 10th Amendment to the U.S. constitution, which he believes many of the Obama administration mandates violated.


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