Very few locations in the United States were featured on this list, but you would think Wyoming would be on there at least once... right?

How beautiful is the Earth? Over the weekend we were reminded of just how stunning our home is and were encouraged to take care of it on Earth Day. In addition to the gorgeous natural qualities, there are some pretty incredible structures that look like there are straight out of a fairy tale.

Recently The Weather Channel featured 100 of these places on their website.

On the list are castles, mountains, caves, creeks, beaches, and more. These are breathtaking places all across the globe, but they didn't leave out the US. Although they only found a handful of "fairy tale-esque" places in this great nation of ours, they completely neglected Wyoming.

Face palm.

Oregon's Canon Beach came in at number 59. Louisiana's Cypress Island was number 71 on the list and Louisiana's Oak Alley Plantation was also listed at number 84. Not to take away from what these gorgeous places have to offer, but come on. When you think fairy tales, you think cute woodland creatures and big forests. We're pretty sure that no one does that better than Wyoming.

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