We've come a long way since March when we were the only state in the union to receive an 'F' for social distancing. Since then, we've moved up to a solid 'D+', which happens to be good for third in the nation.

You read that right, a D+ has Wyoming near the head of the class. Other states should be looking over our shoulder to copy of us, because 47 of them are doing worse than us, while 34 of them have a failing 'F' grade.

Only Montana and Alaska have us beat out for one and two in the nation, respectively, with high 'D' grades as well. New Mexico and Vermont finished just behind us at fourth and fifth, respectively.

The latest report card gave Wyoming an 'A' for a 94 percent decline in encounters between people since the beginning of the pandemic. 'Great improvement' would most likely be a teacher comment we'd receive.

However, non-essential trips and reduced travel distances still received an 'F' in those categories for the state, which certainly makes sense since some who live in rural areas have much further distances to travel in Wyoming than they would in other states. Unfortunately, Laramie Country also received an 'F' for 'failing to reduce average distances traveled by more than 25 percent and for reducing visits to non-essential destinations by less than 55 percent'. This, according to the Cowboy State Daily. Perhaps in those areas, we'd receive a comment such as 'more effort is needed'.

But hey, considering we had the worst grade in the class, America, almost four months ago, at least we're making strides. Stay safe everyone, wash your hands, we got this.

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