Tuesday morning, 08/18/2020. Riverton Police Department received call. Someone from a local apartment complex is complaining about a smell. But not just any smell.

The caller tells the officer that there is a strong odor of marijuana. Seems to be coming from a neighboring apartment, although the caller can't tell which apartment.

With nothing much else to do, because it is Riverton Wyoming, a deputy drives out to investigate. The nose of the officer is well trained. That is why it did not take him long to figure out that it was not the scent of marijuana adrift in the air - but the business end of a sunk that lives in the area.

I've never done drugs of any kind so I'm not an expert here, so help me if you know. I know what a skunk smells like. I have caught the whiff of ganja on the air. My brain is telling me that the mistake by the person who called the police was an honest one. While not exactly the same, the two smells can be a bit similar. Am I wrong? If you know for sure, don't worry, I won't tell anyone how you know so much about it.

Maybe the folks down in Colorado can just claim that their state smells more like SKUNK. Not sure what that would help, but...

Maybe the next time someone is questioned by police about "that smell" they could just say it's skunk. Why not give it a try?

That leads me to the next question, how often does this mistake happen?

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