If you want to find the state that has the most lightning strike deaths per person in America, you don't have to travel far as it's us in Wyoming.

The National Weather Service in Cheyenne shared this graphic for lightning awareness week.

Weather.gov has some more details about what these statistics really mean.


The key part of this statistic is that Wyoming has the most lightning fatalities PER PERSON. Yes, there's the reason why we end up at the top of a lot of these lists since we have less people here than just about anywhere else.

Weather.gov lists the number of lightning deaths in Wyoming from 1959 to 2016 is only 30. But, that's more than double the rate per person of any other state.

Why do we seem to be America's lightning rod? We tend to enjoy the outdoors more than some other regions of the country. States like Colorado and Wyoming that have mountains can also lead to more lightning danger if you happen to get caught outside by a sudden storm.

This is one of the many rankings you really need to read the fine print of to understand exactly why we're being called out for something. This lightning statistic sounds worse than it really is when you dig into the numbers.

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