Well aren't we just so innocent in Wyoming? While it's tough for most states to be committing any sort of sinful behavior due to certain restrictions during an ongoing pandemic, it turns out Wyoming has stayed more well behaved than every other state.

There's been plenty of immoral and illicit behavior to go around the country, according to WalletHub. Several indicators were used to determine the data in the overall rankings on the 'Most Sinful States in America', including violent crimes per capita, excessive drinking, and share of population with gambling disorders. Beyond that, the states were also ranked by your typical seven sins: greed, lust, vanity, laziness, excesses & vices, jealousy, and anger & hatred. Wyoming finished in the top 10 least sinful in five of those and in the 16 least sinful in the other two.

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The most sinful state was Nevada, which isn't a shock given that it contains Las Vegas ('Sin City'). They were followed by California, Texas, Georgia, and Florida. There wasn't much of a surprise given the cities that those states contain that more prone to excesses & vices. Just to our south, Colorado finished 27th on the list, so they're pretty meh when it comes to being sinful. All other bordering states with Wyoming finished in the 13 least sinful states. Perhaps we're just in a well behaved part of the country. Check out where each state finished on the list in the map below.

So here's to Wyoming for being upstanding citizens (for the most part at least) while still finding every which way we can to still be awesome.

Source: WalletHub

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