No matter where you go, people who live there think they have to deal with the WORST traffic ever. Believe it or not, 99 percent of places with drivers are actually not the worst places to drive in. Even Wyoming's a decent state to drive in.

Our friends at WalletHub recently did some research and made a list of the best and worst states to drive in. The determination for the best and worst states to drive in took certain things into consideration such as average gas prices, rush-hour traffic congestion, and road quality. When everything was tallied up, it turns out that Wyoming came in ranked at the 24th best state to drive in.

That's not exactly great, but it's not the worst. It's right in the middle. Not showing off, not falling behind. Wyoming's a very much...okay state to drive in. Let's call it that.

In terms of some specific categories that factored in our ranking, Wyoming tied for first in the lowest percentage of rush-hour congestion. Sure, there are busy roads around the cities in our state during rush hour, but it's not like we have to deal with congestion like any big city in California, which came in ranked 49th overall, by the way.

Unfortunately, Wyoming didn't fare so well in terms of auto-repair shops per capita. We have the fifth least amount of those overall.

The best states to drive in were Texas, Indiana, North Carolina, Iowa, and Tennessee to round out the top five while the worst state was Hawaii, followed by California, Washington, Maryland, and Delaware. For the full rankings, check out the map at the bottom of this article.

But as far as driving through Wyoming, we can bask in the glory of know that driving in our state is pretty okay.

Source: WalletHub
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