We play it pretty safe in Wyoming. Or at least that's what a recent survey might have you believe. In terms of when it comes to taking risks with anything, Wyoming goes for the safe bet. We can just call it the smarter play.

Coventry Direct recently surveyed more than 3,700 Americans, as well as 75 respondents from each state, and found that based on their results, Wyoming is the 3rd least risky state in the U.S. Survey questions ranged from how risky something might be in terms of topics such as physical, financial, etc. The only states that had even less risk tolerance than Wyoming were Illinois and Michigan, which was the least risky state.

It makes sense for Wyoming to be one of the least risky states. I think the biggest risk anyone might have to deal with would be fixing their hair before going outside and letting the wind wreak all the havoc it can with it.

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The state that has the highest risk tolerance in the nation is supposedly Minnesota. A few other Midwestern states joined it in the top ten, such as Ohio, Iowa, and South Dakota. As someone who's from the Midwest, I can only assess that perhaps their level of risk comes from driving in the snowy and icy winters no matter how bad it is (and they will do that). That, or I can only imagine that the risk of engaging in a conversation with anyone from there is pretty high since they are known for their niceness and will prolong it for way longer than it needs to be since each side of the conversation is too nice to end it. Yes, that's a thing there too.

Despite how nice the people in the Midwest are, the West edged them out for the least risk-tolerant states in general. They have us to thank for that in Wyoming. But we're alright here playing things safe. Just watch out for those winds after fixing your hair.

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