In recent years, Wyoming has been building a reputation for being one of the best states to come for retirement. Of course! Why wouldn't it? The scenery, the open space, the outdoor life, the tax rate, etc. There's definitely plenty of reasons for retirees wanting to make their way to the Cowboy State. And as we did last year, Wyoming finished just outside the top ten states to come for retirement.

Of course, with anyone retiring, there's several life factors they need to weigh in first, such as affordability, health related factors, and overall quality of life, among others. Our good friends at WalletHub did the research to find what states are the best for retirement-friendliness.

Finishing at the top of the list was Florida, which seems like it would be the favorite almost any given year. They finished 4th in affordability and 5th in quality of life, which is really no surprise given the climate and attractions in the Sunshine State. Virginia finished 2nd overall and just behind them was our neighbors to the south in Colorado. They finished 4th in health care to help out their overall ranking. They also finished 11th in affordability.

As for Wyoming, we came in at 13th overall. Not a bad spot all things considered. We also finished 13th in quality of life, along with 18th in affordability. And naturally, we finished 5th in having the best tax rate which is a big draw for those that migrate to the Jackson Hole area of the state.

Montana, Utah, and Idaho all finished ahead of Wyoming on the list at 7th, 8th, and 11th respectively. It seems that people just love coming to the West in general these days for retirement. To see where all other states finished on the list, check out the map below.

Source: WalletHub

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