Economic growth is very important to a state, county and town. A recent study shows that the state of Wyoming placed in the top 5 fastest growing economies in the nation.  Here are the states that had the biggest boom of economic growth in 2014. Will Wyoming and these other states be able to keep up the growth?

  1. North Dakota - The states Growth Domestic Product (GDP) checks in at $50 Billion which shows a 6.3% growth in 2014.
  2. Texas - The state's GDP checks in at 1.6% which showed a 5.2% growth rate in 2014.
  3. Wyoming (tie) - Tied with West Virgina, Wyoming's GDP checked in at $44 Billion with 5.1% growth in 2014.
  4. West Virginia (tie) - Tied with Wyoming, West Virgina's GDP checked in at 7.5 Billion which showed a 5.1% growth rate in 20104.
  5. Colorado - The states GDP in 2014 was $307 Billion giving them a 47% growth rate for the year.

Congratulations to the Cowboy State for being in the top five states that showed good economic growth in 2014. We look forward to more good news in 2015!

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