The first-ever state champion for Wyoming High School softball will be crowned on Saturday in Gillette.

The inaugural 2021 season comes to an end with an eight-team, double-elimination, state tournament at the Energy Capital Sports Complex.

Fields No. 1 and No. 2, the two closest to the parking lot at the complex will be used to play games.

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Seeding was based on each teams’ conference record.

There was a three-way tie between Campbell County, Cheyenne East, and Cheyenne Central for second in the East Conference. Central is the No. 4 seed because they went 0-2 against No. 1 seed Thunder Basin, while Campbell County and East split with the Bolts. The tiebreaker that determined the No. 2 and No. 3 seed is the total runs scored in the conference games. Cheyenne East had 107, while Campbell County scored 95. The T-Birds get the No. 2 seed.



Final Score: Game 1: (4E) Cheyenne Central 7 (1W) Kelly Walsh 5 - Brogan Allen a 2-run HR in the 1st and 8 strikeouts pitching; Griffith had 15 strikeouts for KW in the defeat.

Final Score: Game 2: (E2) Cheyenne East 3 (3W) Natrona County 0 - Galicia 16 strikeouts in a 3-hit shutout for the T-Birds. Vallejo had a 2-run 2B and Christensen an RBI-2B.

Final Score: Game 3: (3E) Campbell County 12 (2W) Cody 3 - Camels score 5 runs in 1st inning and have 15 hits in the game. Clonch, Gray, Rambo with 3 hits apiece.

Final Score: Game 4: (1E) Thunder Basin 23 (4W) Rock Springs 0 - 2 pitchers combine on 1-hitter for Bolts. TB also had 10 extra-base hits, including 2 HRs


Final Score: Game 5: Cheyenne Central 11 Cheyenne East 10 - A 5-run 3rd put the Indians in front for good; East rallies with 5 in the 6th and had 2 runners on with 1 out in the 7th but 2 strikeouts finished the game. Bunch & Moyte homer for Central. Stehwien had 4 hits, including 2 doubles for East.

Final Score: Game 6: Campbell County 16 Thunder Basin 8 - Camels rally from a 6-1 deficit, scored 9 runs in the 3rd & 4th innings to take the lead. Close it out with a 4-run 6th. Clonch five hits & 2 RBI's. Snyder added three hits & 4 RBI's.

Final Score: Game 7: Cheyenne Central 12 Campbell County 10 – semifinal (winner is in the championship) - Indians jump out 12-2 and hold off the Camels comeback. Lucas with 3 doubles & 3 RBIs for Central, while Moyte and Ackerman each hit home runs; Taylor Curtin had 4 hits in the loss for Campbell County.

Final Score: Game 8: Kelly Walsh 22 Natrona County 10 – Fillies are eliminated; Teams combine for 7 HRs - KW had 5 HRs including 2 each for Boroz and Lijewski.

Final Score: Game 9: Cody 16 Rock Springs 4 – Tigers are eliminated; Ava Meier had 3 hits - a triple & 2 home runs - 5 RBIs for the Fillies.

Final Score: Game 10: Kelly Walsh 18 Thunder Basin 16 – Bolts are eliminated; KW had 2 home runs; Lijewski 4 hits & 4 RBIs. Bolts had 3 home runs; O'Loughlin had 3 hits and 5 RBIs for O'Loughlin.

Final Score: Game 11: Cheyenne East 27 Cody 7 – Fillies are eliminated; Christensen with 3 hits (2 HRs), 8 RBI's and was the winning pitcher.

Final Score: Game 12: Kelly Walsh 13 Cheyenne East 2 – T-Birds are eliminated; KW got 3 hits from Kynlee Griffith, who was also the winning pitcher. She allowed 2 runs on 5 hits with 9 strikeouts; Lijewski added 2 hits and four RBIs.


Final Score: Game 13: Campbell County 13 Kelly Walsh 10 – semifinal; Trojans are eliminated; Gray with 2 hits & 2 RBIs + is the winning pitcher, while Snyder adds 2 hits (2B) & 3 RBIs; Griffith had 2 HRs & 3 RBIs for KW

Final Score: Game 14: Campbell County 14 Cheyenne Central 11  – Championship Game

Final Score: Game 15: Campbell County 14 Cheyenne Central 9 – If necessary game - Camels win 3 straight games on Saturday to win the 1st softball championship in state history.

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