Normally parents teach their young to stay OUT of the road but, Grizzly #399 knows how to keep the spotlight on her family, by playing in traffic.

The legendary mother bear has been in the news for years for being a very protective mother that likes to hang around the roadside with her young. In all, the 25 year old bear has 16 offspring and is known for interesting habits of hanging out along roads and teaching her cubs to look both ways before crossing. Even though she's protective of her cubs, some have been killed due to human interaction or by adult bear. Researchers have determined the reason she hangs out around the road is it's a safer environment for her cubs, as male bears try to kill the younger ones. Her philosophy of roadside hanging is also what has brought her to the levels of fame she has achieved.

Earlier this summer the mother of 4 headed out of the park to start to get ready for hibernation. Looking at the cubs now, you can see they have definitely not been going hungry and are preparing nicely for the long winter ahead. The Wyoming bear population is now in the process of packing on the weight and will continue until mid to late November when they'll head to bed for the next several months.

It's interesting to note that the summer months are the breeding months for grizzlies, but the females will hold on to the fertilized egg until they are in hibernation before the egg is implanted. If the bears body hasn't reached a certain fat percentage and body weight, the egg will not attach.


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