Wyoming Governor Matt Mead on Wednesday vetoed a bill repealing gun-free zones at government meetings in the state.

Original House Bill 137, Enrolled Act 0107, would have allowed the concealed carrying of firearms at government meetings held on public property. But for legislative meetings, the bill would have only allowed carrying concealed weapons where permitted.

Since the legislature will be meeting the next couple of years in the Jonah Business Center, which is a private building where concealed carry is not permitted, guns would not be permitted at legislative meetings there.

Governor Mead says he is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, having signed several pro-gun rights bills into law and having ordered the state Attorney General to file several court actions for Second Amendment rights.

The governor said that inconsistency was one reason he vetoed the bill. He also said the bill as written "had flaws." You can read the governor's letter vetoing the measure here.

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