Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon has issued his first veto since assuming office earlier this year.

The Republican on Friday vetoed House Bill 38, which would have increased the per diem rate for lawmakers from the current $109 to $149.

The per diem is a payment issued to lawmakers on a per-day basis to cover expenses, including such things as food, lodging and other costs related to serving in the legislature. The governor said the issue he had with the bill was that it would have only allowed lawmakers who live within 25 miles of the state capitol half of the per diem rate paid to all other lawmakers.

He said because of that provision the bill ''seems solely prejudiced against legislators living within a 25-mile radius of the state Capitol." While the legislature could override the governor's veto, they would need to garner two-thirds support in both houses of the legislature to do so.

That would be difficult since the bill only passed the Senate by a 16-13 margin and the House by a 32-27 vote.

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