As we have almost made it to the halfway point in January, gas prices have continued their downward trend for Wyoming and are as close to the national average as they've been in some time. At the end of summer in 2021, the average gas price in Wyoming was about 40 cents more than the national average. As of today (January 14th), Wyoming's is just one cent more than the national average gas price.

The statewide average gas price in Wyoming is $3.31 per gallon. That price is downjust one cent from a week ago. A month ago, that average gas price was $3.38, so the downward trend in average price for the Cowboy State continues. Technically, the national average gas price is up from a week ago when it was $3.303. It is now $3.306 per gallon. So, .003 of an increase, which is negligible. It's basically the same. Just a month ago, the national average price was $3.32 per gallon.

As of yesterday (January 13th), the crude oil price sits at $82.12, which is slightly down despite increases early in the week. However, gas demand is currently down nationally.

As for the cheapest local prices, both Laramie County and Albany County remain as some of the cheapest in all of Wyoming. Laramie County's average gas price per gallon is down to $3.27 while Albany Country is at $2.94 per gallon.

The Livingston Walmart in Cheyenne is tied for the cheapest price in Cheyenne at $3.15 per gallon, as is Sam's Club on Dell Range. In Laramie, Tumbleweed Express on Bluebird Ln is the cheapest at $2.69 per gallon while the Sinclair on Grand Ave is at $2.79 per gallon.

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