An official with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department says the commission that sets Wyoming hunting seasons will probably consider shortening some seasons this year because of the effects of a hard winter in western Wyoming.

Jeff Obrecht says the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission is expected to take up the issue of state hunting seasons when it meets on April 20-21 in Casper. He goes on to say it looks like the length of seasons, as well as the quota for licenses, will probably be shortened in the western part of the state.

That's because harsh winter weather has taken a toll on big game herds in much of western Wyoming. Reports from earlier this year indicated fawn survival in the Jackson area was lower than it has been the last few years.

Elk, deer, and pronghorn in the Pinedale area were also having a hard time as strong winds and deep snow forced them from their tradition winter ranges.

But Obrecht says hunting seasons in other areas of the state that weren't hit as hard by winter weather will probably be about average in length.

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