As part of its ongoing efforts to recognize budget and staffing efficiencies, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) will merge two of its publications.

Game and Fish spokesman Al Langston says for the past 23 years, the department has published 18 issues of general-interest wildlife publications under the titles Wyoming Wildlife (a full-color 48-page magazine) and Wyoming Wildlife News (a 12- to 16-page tabloid-style newspaper). Beginning in January 2014, the department will reduce to 12 issues the number of publications it produces, and release all 12 issues under the title: Wyoming Wildlife. Wyoming Wildlife will remain a general-interest magazine primarily reader-supported through subscriptions, but incorporate editorial elements from Wyoming Wildlife News.

Langston says the reassignment of one employee during WGFD reorganization in June 2013 and the retirement of the longtime Wyoming Wildlife editor have reduced the number of full-time employees within the WGFD publications section from three to one.