It's pretty well known that cattle is a main staple amongst ranchers in Wyoming. Now there is a way for ranchers and meat buyers to track the beef from their phone.  The main reason for the new app is to connect any dots between cattle, the ranchers, global and local buyers as well as consumers who want to know where their beef steak came from.

The app is BovControl app and can be downloaded from your Google Play Store. For now it is only available for those who have an Android phone. iOS version is due to come out in the earlier part of 2015.

Some of the features that you can look forward to are viewing over 3000 farms, hundreds of thousands of cows and using the app all around the world, to include South Africa, INdia and Colombia.

With this extended data, a local grocery store chain could ensure their customer base that the beef in their stores were only bought from farms that didn't participate in deforestation and unfair labor practices. Special requests could also be made as well.