Super confusing title, right? What does that mean? Am I reviewing every beer in Wyoming? Did I sneeze and hit copy/paste? Did I run out of thoughts to put in this white box I type in every day? Nope. It's clever.

Enter Bond's Brewing Company

So, Bond's has a full list of beers that you'll love if you go in. They're a fresh brewery compared to most in the Cowboy State, but I think their way of thinking on beer might put them ahead in the long run. If you look at their menu, they have the usual suspects, IPAs, Wheats, Stouts, Scottish Ales, you get the idea. But, looking down the list there is something just called "Beer".

Well, this might be the most genius thing I've seen a brewery do. This isn't Wyoming bias, I would love to see other breweries do this. They created a yellow fizzy beer for people that don't necessarily like craft beer. So, this is a better-tasting version of those "classic" American beers. It is a beertender's best friend when a guy comes in, looks at your beer board, and asks, "you got anything like Busch Light?".

Here's how Bond's describes it on their site.

A traditional Wyoming beer brewed with Wyoming ingredients...This beer will most definitely cure your thirst. Simple ingredients served cold and enjoyed fresh. This is a beer brewed for the hard-working folks of Wyoming.

Beer is also only 4 percent ABV, so this may also be the perfect beer to fill growlers up of for Gameday, when we get to do tailgates and stuff like that again.

If there is a beer you think I should review, message the station app, I'll put it on my list!

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