According to National averages, 2.10 percent of drivers will run a red light and/or a stop sign in a year. Roughly 100,000 people nationwide, an average of 11.4 people die in a traffic-related incident per year.

Here in Wyoming, we are the 4th WORST out of 50 states.

Percentage of drivers who have run a red light or stop sign: 3.17%

Red-light cameras currently in use: No

Rate of driving-related deaths per population of 100,000: 16.7

Wyoming is within the top four states in the U.S. for a high share of car owners running red lights and stop signs. However, it is also the first state of our top 10 rankings to not implement the use of red-light cameras. This raises the question of whether or not the state would have fewer drivers illegally running through intersections if communities installed red-light cameras.

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