The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for Wheatland and central Platte County Thursday afternoon at 2:56pm. Trained weather spotters spotted a tornado to the southwest of Wheatland. The tornado was reported to touch down at approximately 3:09pm in the vicinity of hightower and Sybille Creek road.

The slow moving super cell system moved to the southeast of the town of Wheatland and crossed 1-25 with tornado down in the Slater area at 4:13pm with a train derailment that occurred and continued to moved in that direction to the east of Chugwater at 4:34pm. Platte county emergency management reported many calls of damage throughout the county, as most the tornadic damage was reported onGrange and Olson roads just southeast of Wheatland.

Two homes were reported as a complete loss, the home of Ida Black at 335 Olson road and another home listed at 321 Olson were destroyed. Damage also occurred at the home of Don and Georgia Farrier at 179 Olson, Wendlin Burgard residence at 347 Olson road, and vehicles moved with broken windshields at Kim Eike’s at 349 Olson road. Other properties are still being investigated by the Wheatland fire department, Platte County Sheriff’s office, and other emergency personnel as of Thursday afternoon. Trees and fences were also reported down in many areas along of highway 34, along Grange, Ferguson, Olson and Sybille creek road.

One person was transported to Platte County memorial hospital for a head cut. Hail was reported along with the super cell, from pea size to golf ball size hail was reported, with heavy hail along the Platte and Laramie county line.