Today is one of those days where there are a ton of quiet, but awesome stories that build up for an interesting read. I mean, I'm still heart broken over the fraud that was the rumor of Kanye and Jeffree Star being in a relationship. But, I digress.

Trending Nationally

You're a wizard, Harry! Is what we might be saying in the not too distant future, if rumors come true about a Harry Potter series. The Hollywood Reporter seems to think HBOMAX has this wizarding world in their sites for a series. This is the perfect time to focus on the Hufflepuffs.

Ready for the awe shucks, gooey, heart filled Budweiser Super Bowl Ad to drop in less than too weeks? Well, it looks like you might be waiting another year as Budweiser announced they'll not be running an ad this year, instead, they'll be donating the money toward Covid-19 vaccine awareness. Whatever that means.

Marvel revealed what the new Captain America will look like in some stills dropped for the new Winter Solider/Falcon show heading to Disney +. Basically looks like Captain America with a big metal arm. Cool.

Trending Locally

Wyoming makes the Top 50 list of places to visit in 2021. To the dismay of the "we don't want you here crowd" it looks like those tourist dollars should be brought back this year by the first-fulls.

If you're looking to retire, well, you don't have to leave the state. According to Wallethub, Wyoming came in as the 11th best state to retire. This is great news if you don't want to move, but if you're retiring, maybe still get that winter home in Arizona.

And finally, some really cool news out of Colorado. Some guy that calls himself the COVID Bandit, tipped enough at an Estes Park restaurant for all the employees to have 200 bucks! He left around a 1400 dollar tip on a 20 dollar tab. Let this guy have all the good vibes.

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