Cheyenne Frontier Days, duh.

But seriously, there are a ton of things going on that may or may not be related to what's going on at Frontier Park. Even as Cheyenne Frontier Days winds down, we still have options if you want to leave your boots at home, or bring them, you do you, boo. Let's take a look at what we have going on, shall we?

Fridays On The Plaza

This might be my favorite lineup for Fridays On The Plaza so far this year. Not only do we get a headliner with some local flavor from Sheridan in Tris Musnick, The Josephines out of Bowling Green, Kentucky, are sure to put on a great show. Food trucks, live music, beer tent and so much more!

Live Music At Alf's Pub

Erica Sunshine Lee will be performing tonight and tomorrow at Alf's, she's ready to get the neighborhood bar moving.

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Live Music At The Outlaw Saloon

The Outlaw is continuing their concert series for CFD. Their lineup has been really solid in contrast to what's going on at CFD. Adam Doleac hits the stage tonight with Mitchell Tenpenny performing for your Saturday.

Cheyenne Cruise Night

You can check out all the awesome cars cruising around the Capitol Saturday night. This week they're benefitting the Old West Museum.

See, plenty to check out this weekend. What are we going to do next weekend without CFD? Be hungover, got it.

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