The upcoming holiday weekend is likely to be filled with cookouts, barbecues, maybe some adult beverages for some get-togethers as Memorial Day weekend is just about upon us. It typically signifies the unofficial start of summer everywhere. So how are you spending yours. Are you going to be grill master for your planned celebration? And if so, what is your favorite food to throw on the grill? Wyoming's may be a bit of a surprise...

You might think for sure that Wyoming's rugged cowboy reputation would be a shoe-in for grilling up some steaks for Memorial Day, or at least something that had parents.  However, that is not the case. If you're confused, I can't say I blame you considering the favorite food to grill in the Cowboy State is not what I would expect either.

According to our friends at the popular food publication 'Eat This, Not That', Wyoming's favorite food to cook on the grill is Corn On the Cob. They even give a step-by-step 'best way of cooking Corn On the Cob'.

Despite the fact that might be unexpected, it most certainly was not even close to the strangest favorite food to throw on the grill. There were several other nominations for that like Alaska with grilled squash, Hawaii with grilled eggplant, Iowa with grilled asparagus, Kentucky with grilled pineapple, New York with grilled clams, Tennessee with grilled zucchini, or Washington with grilled oysters....sickies.

As it turns out, there were several other states that also chose grilled Corn On the Cob for their pick so I guess we weren't alone as it is. But whatever happens, good luck keeping the corn out of your teeth this holiday weekend!

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