By Micah Halpern

Wednesday September 25, 2013

The world's attention had been focused on Syria and Iran. Now that the United Nation General Assembly is in full throttle the focused has shifted to the leaders of the United States and Iran, Presidents Obama and Rouhani.

But it's a big world out there and whether we pay attention or not, situations are evolving and at times, devolving. Take Egypt, for example.

Egypt has been playing hardball with the Muslim Brotherhood. Some Western news agencies covered the Egyptian decision to confiscate Brotherhood bank accounts, most did not. The Egyptian court ruled that the Muslim Brotherhood is no longer legal.

And the Egyptian army has been sweeping through the country, especially the Sinai, confronting the al Qaeda cells.

Meanwhile, the Brotherhood and al Qaeda have been creating havoc and they have been killing Egyptians especially - Christians and police.

Since July 3 when the revolt that unseated then-President Morsi began, over 100 Egyptian police have been killed. Last week a terror attack against a police bus killed 15 policemen.

Under the semi-cloak of silence, or perhaps preoccupation, current Egyptian leadership is dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood. They have successfully dismantled the entire Muslim Brotherhood leadership by arresting them and now they have taken all their money. All that remains is mopping up in rural areas where the Brotherhood is still strong.

Within the next week we will see the end of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. They will not be gone, they will be underground, they will be forced into hiding.