There are many indicators that you, indeed, have a healthy backyard. How do you take the temperature of your yard and how do you know if it's alive or dead?  When you have your backyard up and running, there will be some good indicators that you have put together a healthy backyard. For instance, if you have a tree that blooms in your yard and the bees come by to visit, that's one indication of life in the yard.

Not only are frequent pollinators visiting your yard a sign of a healthy backyard, but birds as well. You might have warblers and hummingbirds begin to visit your yard. Especially if you have Salvia, a type of Sage, growing throughout your backyard. Butterflies as well as hummingbirds are attracted to this flower.

Also, shrubs, fruit trees, sunflowers and a good water source are signs of a healthy backyard. Birds will frequent your yard as shrubs provide good shelter for them and fruit trees and sunflowers provide a great source of nutrition for them.

Water is essential for any living area. Birds, wildlife and butterflies all need water. Also, your flowers and plants will thrive, providing great color and decor to your backyard.

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