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7:07AM MDT :The Watchdog on Wall Street, Chris Markowski is back with host Dave Chaffin and will disect the latest on the issues effecting our pocket books,including the latest on Sequestration and what it reall means to us.

7:37AMMDT: GRAY BRECHIN-The New York Times reported in a front-page piece entitled "Post Office Buildings With Character, and Maybe a Sale Price" that the Postal Service "acknowledges that in recent years the sale of post office buildings has accelerated, and in 2011 it hired CBRE, a commercial real estate services firm, to handle the transactions. "'Our biggest concern is the way they’re going about it isn’t transparent,' said Chris Morris, a senior field officer for the National Trust and project manager for post office buildings. 'A lot of us are very confused about the process.'" Brechin is founder and project scholar of the Living New Deal Project. He said today: "While the New York Times article is the first substantial piece in the major media on the accelerating fire sale of America's historic post offices and their art, it fails to mention a possible conflict of interest. While it mentions the giant real estate firm CBRE in passing, it doesn't note a crucial fact that perhaps explains why the process is not transparent: the head of CBRE is private equity billionaire Richard C. Blum, Senator Dianne Feinstein’s husband. These buildings sit on prime downtown lots in every American city. They represent a potential bonanza for any private interest that can obtain the right to sell them.

8:07AM MDT: Joan Evans and Hayley Douglass from Wyoming Workforce Services with their monthly update on what is happening with Wyoming employment.

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