Today, Dave will spend time exploring more on the fiscal cliff negotiations going on in Washington, visit about some other interesting events and talk about PACs with our local Expert.

7:07AM MST: Watchdog on Wall Street, Chris Markowski, guests. President Barack Yesterday, President Obama  launched a public relations push for his bid to raise taxes on wealthy Americans, but U.S. lawmakers remained deadlocked over dramatic, year-end tax increases and spending cuts known as the "fiscal cliff."At the White House, small business leaders emerged from a one-hour meeting with Obama to voice support for his goal of extending low tax rates for the middle class beyond the end of the year, while letting rates rise for wealthier taxpayers.The business owners urged Obama "to fight to keep the middle-class tax cuts," said Lew Prince, co-founder of Vintage Vinyl, an independent music store in St. Louis, Mo. What grows jobs in America is consumers spending money, and the average person needs that two or three thousand dollars a year in his pocket to help drive the economy," Prince told reporters at the White House.Republicans want to extend low tax rates - enacted a decade ago under the administration of former Republican President George W. Bush - for all taxpayers, including households earning more than $250,000 a year.Raising tax rates on the wealthy would discourage investment and hiring at a time of high unemployment, Republicans say.Congressional Democrats allied with the president showed no sign of backing down from his stance on raising taxes for the wealthy. But both sides have softened on some long-held positions: Republicans have been showing a willingness to consider new revenue increases while Democrats have relaxed their hard line against new savings to the costly government-run Medicare and Medicaid healthcare programs.

7:37AM MST: Robert Allen Hamlett , Former FBI Agent on Fraud, Politics and More...Now that the election is over, politicians will be packing their bags and heading to their new digs in Washington. But could a new wave of fraud be tagging along? Former FBI agent Robert Allen Hamlett says there’s no doubt – in fact, for 50 years, Republicans
and Democrats have been committing fraud and wasting America’s tax dollars to create a pot of gold for themselves. Invite Robert and learn which government workers are getting a fleet of brand new cars while underlings are told there’s no money for pencils and paper, why the government pays $375 for the same office chairs that cost half that at your local office-supply store, and why you’re paying for kidney transplants and weight machines for prison inmates but not treatment for their victims. Robert Allen Hamlett spent more than a quarter-century with the FBI, conducting investigations on fraud, murder, theft and more. Many of his cases were conducted on the state and federal
level. His book is “Wake Up America.”

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9:07AM MST: ASK-A-LOCAL EXPERT: Samantha J. Ingram, PHR, Human Resources Director and Marketing & Public Relations with Cheyenne Radiology Group & MRI.
Samantha briefly discussed the digital era that they operate in as an imaging center before. Today she will  talk in more detail about how the digital imaging is accomplished and what their PACs (pronounced “packs”) program is. Also they are currently hiring for a person to work in the PACs department.  Cheyenne Radiology Group has nine Radiologists who perform radiologic interpretative services and procedures in Cheyenne, Torrington and Wheatland, as well as several towns in Colorado. They are the area’s first and only full service outpatient imaging center, and first introduced PACS to Cheyenne and the surrounding area with the Fuji “Synapse” system this year. Now,Synapse is used in most local and area hospitals and clinics.

9:37AM MST: Peter Aras and Jon Green, KGAB's Digital Cowboys are back teasing their Saturday 1-3PM MST program and taking your digital and computing questions and comments