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7:07AM MDT: Watchdog on Wall Street Chris Markowski, returns to the show and will make sense out of what is happening in the markets right now as well as in the ecobnomy itself. Be way ahead of your colleagues with what Chris has to say this morning.

7:37AM MDT: Professor Ernie Goss, economist from Creighton University, joins host Dave Chaffin in taking a look at the Mountain States Economic Report. It looks as if, once again, the leading economic indicators point to continuing growth for the next 3 to 6 months across the region.

8:07AM MDT: ASK-A-LOCAL-EXPERT, Ann Lucas from First Wyoming Education Credit Union is back on with us and will bring with her some interesting and helpful information on how we can effectively make our money grow.

8:37AM MDT: ASK-A-LOCAL-EXPERT, J.W. Snell from Clayton Homes joins Dave to talk about how today's modern modular and manufactured homes offer the best in living quality and affordability in today's confusing housing market.

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