Today is Financial Wednesday with the focus on those issues that effect your budget and your pocketbook:

7:07AM MDT: Watch Dog on Wall Street, Chris Markowski returns and will talk with host Dave Chaffin about the latest in financial developments most likely to effect you.

7:37 AM MDT: Economist Ernie Goss from Creighton University runs down his June Mountain States Economic Report

8:07AM MDT: ASK-A -LOCAL-EXPERT..Ann Lucas, Executive Vice president of Cheyenne's First Education Federal Credit Union is back to talk more about your credit and finances.

8:37AM MDT: ASK-A-LOCAL-EXPERT- J.W. Snell from Clayton Homes talks with us about the latest in affordable housing...Manufactured housing.

9:07AM MDT Open Lines

9:37AM MDT: Jon Green, KGAB's Digital Cowboy will be on with us to answer any questions you may have regarding your digital dilemmas.