Yellowstone National Park will reopen the Norris campground at 7 a.m. Friday after maintenance staff repaired the water system that failed Wednesday, according to a news release late Thursday.

However, the park urges people to test the water to ensure safety for human consumption for the next three days.

Norris area campers and residents who use the water system should boil water for at least three minutes before drinking it, cooking with it, washing dishes, or brushing teeth.
The park will continue to provide tanks with potable water for campers in the C loop until the water system is deemed safe for human consumption.

Earlier today, the park reported the water supply system failed Wednesday morning in the centrally located Norris area of Yellowstone National Park.

There has been no running water at the campground and at most employee residences, and all restrooms and potable water sources were closed.
Limited portable toilets and limited alternative drinking water sources have been available at the campground for campers who already paid for multiple nights.

Meanwhile, the park closed the Norris campground to new campers.

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