This may be one of the biggest battles in Wyoming since the days of gunslingers and houses of unreputable gains. Ok, maybe not that dramatic, but don't you at least love a good underdog or, erm, under-rabbit story in this case?

Someone on TikTok posted a video as a "Normal Day" in Wyoming where a rabbit came upon a snake. Now, I'm not sure if that snake said something to the rabbit to offend them or they just felt like playing and living dangerously. Either way, this rabbit was not afraid of the snake and the snake was not wanting to deal with Thumper giving them the business.

Check it out.

Adding Survivor's "Eye Of The Tiger" was also a nice touch.

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty nervous for the rabbit. This was a very gutsy move. That snake would have eaten the furry fellow whole had they gotten ahold of them. It would have been a much sadder clip. Fortunately, this was the king rabbit of Wyoming and wasn't going to have it.

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Did anyone else think this was a jackalope video at the beginning, or just me? The silhouette of the rabbit kind of made me look closer to make sure it wasn't. Then, we'd know that this video was taken in Douglas, right?

Either way, that snake's day was ruined by the jacked-up bunny that wasn't going to let them near their family or just them in general.

I'm pretending the rabbit has a ton of muscles now. Just let me have it.

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