A Wyoming man must consider himself very fortunate. He came face-to-face (or would that be snout?) with a wolf pack and lived to tell about it.

According to his description on YouTube, he was hunting near Moran, Wyoming when he noticed an animal approaching him through a grove of trees. It was an alpha male leading a wolf pack that followed close behind him.

In the split second he had to react, he made himself known to the wolf and after hesitating for a moment, the wolf retreated to the pack and took off into the woods.

This guy did exactly what the National Park Service says to do if you encounter a wolf in the wild:

If you are concerned about a wolf—it’s too close, not showing sufficient fear of humans, etc., do not run. Stop, stand tall, watch what the wolf is going to do.

If that doesn't work, they recommend yelling, throwing stuff and using bear spray if you have it. The good news for this guy is that it doesn't appear the pack wanted anything to do with this guy which is why he lived long enough to share the scary encounter.

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