I thought I knew just about everything about Wyoming, but I was obviously wrong. I had not heard about petrified wood in Wyoming's Blue Forest, but that's exactly what an explorer showed in a new video.

The YouTube channel Utah Rockz (their spelling, not mine) recently spent some time in the Blue Forest and this is what they found.

Geology of Wyoming has some interesting backstory about the Blue Forest area of Wyoming. They claim it contains 50 million year old deposits like the one shown in the video. They explain how this petrified wood deposit came to be:

Ash rained down on the region from the Absaroka and San Juan volcanic fields. Over time the wood was preserved in the lake sediment layers.

Thanks, Yellowstone super-volcano.

The guy who shared the petrified wood video also give you directions on how to find wood yourself if you're the adventurous type.

He was also kind enough to share directions to where he performed his dig since many parts of the area are unmarked.

Someone also created a Google Maps location to show where the petrified wood is located, too. So, if you're the Indiana Jones of rocks/trees, you have all the information you need for a weekend adventure.

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