Many of us love the romantic idea of a snow-covered cabin in the woods. We even like the romanticized idea of going back to a time without electricity or plumbing. But few people do it because most of us can't even live without WiFi.

But there are those in Wyoming who love the idea so much they decided to actually move "off the grid" and give it a go.

By "off the grid" they don't necessary mean without electricity or plumbing. These days that just means they will make their own power, on site.

Below are a few examples of folks going through a Wyoming winter in a home that is unplugged from the rest of the world.

As I said, off the grid can still have modern conveniences. Here is a couple with their own YouTube channel on how to live "Off The Grid."

On the YouTube channel Kyle's Cabin, Kyle takes his dog, and us, out to spend the weekend living the old way. Kyle will show us how to make sure the cabin is ready to stay in on a cold night. The work he does is both inside and out.

Off The Grid Bro is the name this gentleman uses on his channel. Here it shows us a snowy morning at a cabin that looks as if it was constructed a long time ago. He shows us a few survival tips for the big snow storm that is on it's way.

I've been watching Tiny House Expedition for over a year now. This lady is not in a traditional cabin, but she still lives the off the grid life near the Tetons in Wyoming. She shows us how she keeps her place warm, without being connected to the rest of the world.

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