Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney recently spoke at the House Republican leadership press conference. During her speech, Cheney stated that presumed adversaries of America are testing President Biden and that the president is responding with weakness.

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“Our adversaries are testing this new Administration,” Cheney stated. “Whether you’re talking about what’s happening in Russia with the troop buildup on the border of Ukraine…Whether you’re talking about what’s happening with the Chinese government, the Chinese Communist Party and the extent to which they’re threatening Taiwan and continuing their malign influence and activities around the globe…What’s happening in Iran…Whether you’re talking about North Korea and their continued nuclear buildup…Around the globe, we’re watching as our adversaries test us, as our adversaries threaten us and, so far, the Biden Administration has been lacking, sadly, in it’s response.”

Cheney went on to voice concerns about how President Biden has responded to nuclear threats from Iran.

“Our adversaries need to know that we have the will and the capacity to defend ourselves, that is the only way to deter the kind of threat that we see,” she said. “When you combine the continued response by the Biden Administration, which seems to be ‘if the Iranians threaten their nuclear buildup, then what we need to do is get back in the JCPOA.’ The JCPOA obviously gives the Iranians a pathway to a nuclear weapon. So, they do not seem to recognize that it’s in fact weakness, it’s provocative, and we, certainly, in the House Republicans are absolutely dedicated, committed to ensuring that we do our part in terms of oversight, in terms of highlighting the extent to which we know that a military that is second to none and a strong relationship with our allies – those two things are very important for us to be able to defend ourselves. We’re going to continue to focus on and work on those issues.”

Video of the speech can be viewed below:

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